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🥵 Are You Paying an Ambition Penalty at Work? (feat. Laura Weldy)

October 12, 2021

For the employee who has been told they’re “too much.” 


In this episode, Laura and I get into: 

  • The first steps women can take toward being their own advocate 
  • How women can become true leaders at work (and be rewarded in the process) 
  • How you’re self-sabotaging success at work — and how to fix it


Laura Weldy is a Women’s Leadership & Career Success coach, and an unapologetic champion for women seeking to build a career & life they love. After struggling with burnout, impostor syndrome and uncertainty in her career, Laura decided to eliminate these issues for other career women. 

These days, she uses her proprietary Personal Power Code personality assessment to help ambitious career women around the world put a vocabulary to their own worth in the workplace. She pairs this with her expertise as a masterful certified coach & NLP practitioner to create customized roadmaps for her clients to go from overlooked and overworked in the ‘Pre-Suite’ to celebrated and confident in the C-Suite as intuitive and authentic leaders.


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